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Hello I would like a quote for a wand/cane. 1.Ravenclaw 2. Simple yet Elegant 3. Light

I have spent my morning looking for a fancy traditional cane for my situation but then I remembered Lucius’s and went searching for a well made version. When I stumbled onto your insta, i spent the rest of the day looking at many of your creations. How do you create the stories? Do you work with your clients or do you spin them yourself? Would telling you of my personal tale help with the creation of my wand? My apologies for the 100 questions but as you can tell blatantly tell I am a little too excited but am in no rush.

My life has been filled with twists and turns. I was born with a disability but at a few months old, my mom luckily found a doctor who gave my life a chance; he made it so I could live my life as normally as possible. I was exceptional in school without much studying. I aimed to become a teacher, an engineer, a lawyer and even a doctor although, I didn’t take these paths as each had its demerits. After a year or two of investigations in each, I ended up a healer of sorts. If in the wizarding world, I would be a unique type of mediwizard. It was a happy life until five years ago when I was in an accident that caused a tethered spine(it is as bad as it sounds). I gave up my soulmate and even my career. This is an undetailed summary though you can see why I want a wand/cane (Preferably 30-34 inches or 76-87 cm). 1. Ravenclaw 2. Simply/Elegant 3. I tend to bring happiness and Light to those around me with a strange bit of divination. Feel free to contact me with any other questions.