Custom Wand Cane for @mathnadalini



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1. Griffindor

2. Fancy

3. Light

Narcissa Malfoy’s wand, and Dumbledore’s wands (his first, and the elder wand), and Lucius Malfoy’s

Hmm about the budget, can you give an idea on an example, like if my budget is 200 what would I get….

And I have 2 final requests, I feel I’m the worst type of client omg hahaha

Could you have something in the design to do with wolves?

And since this is definitely going to be my dream coming true, with the wand, can we make a cane? (like Lucius wand), it would be with me 24/7, I have a guide dog and the cane would help me to feel my surroundings

Add LED light into wand tip